Skeptic Tank #52: Crazy Train (with Christina Pazsitzky)


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Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank #52: Crazy Train with guest Christina Pazsitzky (photoshop by @hazematt)

Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #52: Crazy Train with guest Christina Pazsitzky (photoshop by @hazematt)


Christina Pazsitzky had me over at her house for wine and Skittles the other night and we talked about a shit ton of stuff and then some. We centered on the topic of depression but we meandered so much that this went for almost 3 hours. But it was so interesting the whole time, that’s why I kept letting it go. Well, that and the wine.


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Guest Clips


The Laugh Factory has awesome looking comedy clips. I wish the Comedy Store would get on top of shit and at least put something up there to capture the madness that happens on an almost nightly basis. 56,000 people saw this clip. You don’t think that’s good advertising, you stupid idiot Comedy Store? Ugh, whatever. Anyway, enjoy the clip.


Christina tearing it up on a show that has consistently proven to be unwatchable to me and my friends. I try. I really do. When I’m in a hotel or condo somewhere and it comes on TV, I look to see if one of my friends is on the panel and then I try to watch it. But it’s just so epically not for me.


Rooftop Comedy also has great looking short comedy clips. It’s not like JUST the Laugh Factory is doing these. Get a god damned camera in the Original Room, Comedy Store. And, yes, I capitalized Orignal Room but not god. I go back and forth on whether I should do what’s grammatically accepted or incorporate my beliefs into my shift button usage.


National Christina Day. Make it happen, people. Hey, Christina, who is this girl? She fucking loves you.



The Music


Bobby Brown Every little step. Please, please, please take note of the tight biker shorts and whatever the fuck is around his ankles. Is it socks? Leg warmers? I don’t know. But just understand that when this video was released, Bobby Brown was one of the most desired heterosexual men in the world. And he wore that.


Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart.


Bauhaus – Bella Lugosi’s Dead. I just never got into this type of music. The Cure somewhat. Way later I discovered Concrete Blonde and that seemed to have the same gothic feel to me but I never went back to listen to all the bands I had missed.


From when Ozzy was 27. 27. With drugs and alcohol, he already looked in his mid 30’s. Knowing this won’t help your appreciation of his music at all. Acid will help your appreciation of his music tremendously. Take acid instead of trips to Wikipedia.


See, if you ask me, this was a much better representation of overly dramatic high school goth chicks of the late 80s and early 90s. Pretty much any mention of vampires will do it, but the music compliments the lyrics in a perfect storm of caffeine colored lipstick.


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We had a lot of REALLY great submissions for the photoshops this week. The nerds outdid themselves. But I had to pick 1 picture to go with. Thank you, @hazematt, for capturing the perfect blend of self absorbed goth hair and Jew balding. It looks like Christina is my date for the douche awards.



2 Responses to “Skeptic Tank #52: Crazy Train (with Christina Pazsitzky)”

  1. Neha says:

    Such a good show! I heard it last night and now playing again this morning 🙂 I am totally that 15 year old kid who is listening and realising that maybe it’s not my fault…? Except I’m 23. Christina is cool (was going to write SO cool but the mommy thing is weird lol) Ari you are just straight up silly. It’s great. I want to give you a blow job! Cause you love bjs and I love you. Awesome show,

  2. Al says:

    Re: the Jen Kirkman discussion, Christina, despite appearing to agree with your perspective, ended up supporting Kirkman’s claim that women are ultimately judged as representatives of women. Both women seemed to argue that female comics don’t escape the #female tag, regardless of individual career stage. Successful, momentum, downslide, stagnating, etc… The information becomes generalized and the individuals become avatars of “chick comedy.”