Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #66: Shitbag (with Johnny Pemberton)

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Skeptic Tank 66: Shitbag with Johnny Pemberton (photoshop by @MatthewGetic)

Skeptic Tank 66: Shitbag with Johnny Pemberton (photoshop by @MatthewGetic)

Johnny Pemberton met me at the Comedy Store and we talked about his horribly sick colon. Most of us take going to the bathroom fof granted. Not Johnny. To him, every dump is a blessing. A smelly, smelly blessing.

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Black and white means it’s artistic as FUCK!

The Music

Only video I could find of this. The band is sweet, though. Check it out. It’s like, 50’s music but updated.

I forgot they used to dance in sync. Hahahah. Totally unnecessary.

There weren’t any original videos on youtube, just the audio. If you want southpark videos I suggest going to southparkstudios.com. I suggest going there even if you don’t want videos. They have every episode ever made available there and they don’t bleep out the cuss words. Right? Exactly.

There’s no videos of Batdance. Prince took them all down.


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One Response to “Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #66: Shitbag (with Johnny Pemberton)”

  1. Sam says:

    another really interesting episode, thanks ari! I was trying really hard not to laugh at all the shit jokes in front of my co-workers but i failed. I can’t wait to see you in ottawa, on friday most likely. I would offer to let you watch the UFC at my house but I’m a 21 year old girl living on my own so of course i don’t pay for cable or anything. I know my dad is into it but that would be REALLY weird. Also, I got my tshirt in the mail today! You sent me a free grinder for being the only one to order a small, thanks!! I bet it’s because I am one of the only girls buying your shirt. Whatever. anyways thank you again! I will treasure my handwritten note…FOREVER. You made my week 🙂