Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank #59b: Fat (with Ralphie May)

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Skeptic Tank 59b: Fat with Ralphie May (photoshop by Brandon Staack)

Skeptic Tank 59b: Fat with Ralphie May (photoshop by Brandon Staack)

Ralphie May finishes up our fatastic conversation about what it’s like being so big. Interesting conversation. It’s always a good time with Ralphie. Also, there are instructions on how to podcast at the end of this episode.


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Guest Videos

This made me imagine Ralphie fucking a pregnant Lahna. Then I puked while masturbating.


Look at how much bigger he used to be. Jesus.


The Music

My favorite parts of this were the Ice T cameo and the Paula Abdul cameo. The guy who used to be a cop killer and the girl who would later become America’s #1 lush both decrying the use of marijuana. They must have known they were lying when they recorded this. And then Wil Wheaton? Yeah, I know you’re not smoking, bro. You don’t have to be in this song.


I love songs like this. Bloodhound gang manages to be the last great dork rock band left after Presidents of the United States of America and They Might be Giants left the scene. Not every band should take themselves so seriously. Sometimes, it’s about having fun and playing some guitar.


I would love to have their manager. Whoever told these walking lard tubs that they’d work in the video age of music was out of their mind. Out of their mind like a fox, that is.


Just a great remake of the original. Sorry I couldn’t find any good video for the first song and the last song this time. It’s not because I didn’t look. By the way, this whole Saturday Morning Cartoons album is full of hits. I just listened to it the other day and it still had me dancing in my chair.


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  1. Marsha Welke says:

    I really liiked this email. It is presented so warm and personal. I didn’t realize you were sick. I am glad you are better. People still die from phnemonia. I was looking to see how close you get to Nebraska. Omaha is 5 hours away from me, but If you would get a show there or even the casinos in Counsil Bluffs, Iowa that could be reasonable for me.