I’m starting a new sports related podcast

I’m doing it with my friends Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault. We’re calling it Punch Drunk. It starts this Tuesday, February 21 at 4pm PST.


It’s gonna be so much fun. It’s just the three of us talking in our semi-degenerate ways about the sports we love. It’ll mostly be funny. We’ve got great guests planned already. I can tell you right now that Steven Brody Stevens is going to be our baseball correspondent and Steve Rannazzisi is doing the New York sports radio report.

It’s going to be on the Toad Hop Network. We’re doing each episode as an internet radio show with full video and live calls. After we tape for the live stream, each episode will go straight to itunes as a podcast.

We also have a Twitter account. Twitter.com/punchdrunk. Special thanks to Jereme Mongeon for giving us the account.

I’ll get you the number to call in as soon as I get it, but if you want to tune in to the first episode live, go to www.toadhopnetwork.com on Tuesday February 21 2012 at 7pm eastern 4pm pacific and some other times in the middle stuff.


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